(Last Updated 2019).

Analysis of the elite campdrafting statistics reveals that 12 of the 57 Acres Destiny progeny are out of Spinifex mares and a further 4 are out of mares by Spinifex sons. That’s 28% carry a cross of Spinifex. Then the next most influential Acres Destiny cross is to Freckles Oak with 7 (12%) progeny being out of Freckles Oak mares. Compositely 44% contain a cross of Docs Oak.

Of the 37 successful Warrenbri Romeo progeny 8 contain a cross of Abbey (22%). Interestingly one very successful niche is Romeo over V Bar N Bonnet by Humewood Millman. This cross produced 5 full siblings who were either the sire or dams to 18 placegetters and grandsire or granddam to another 18 placegetters.

20% (5) of the 25 successful Cadet progeny contain a cross of Abbey and 16% contain a cross of Kadi. (Refer to page 83 of the book “42 Years of Elite Campdraft Breeding” for a profile of Cadi/Kadi)

Of the 25 successful Hazelwood Conman progeny, 5 contain a cross of Abbey (20%), 5 contain another cross to Romeo (20%) and 4 contain a cross of Spinifex (16%).

Lindsay appears to have crossed best to Cadet bred horses with 5 (28%) of the 18 successful progeny containing this cross. Abbey appeared to cross best to Tomahawk mares with 19% being of this cross. Docs Freckles Oak crossed best to Hollywood Return mares with 3 (19%) containing this cross. Omega crossed equally well with Cadet and Abbey bred mares with 1/3 of the 15 successful place getters containing either cross (5 each).

Spinifex is difficult to determine any pattern in the first generation progeny. However of the 77 successful second generation progeny 13(17%) are by Acres Destiny or out of an Acres Destiny mare and 11 (14%) contain a Pine Olena or a Forty-Niner Doc cross.

Blue Moon Mystic is also difficult to determine any niches in the first generation. However in the second generation 8 (57%) of the 14 successful second generation progeny contain a cross to Romeo 4 of these are through Omega.

Donell Park Seligman Spin (4 Crosses to Doc Bar) appears to cross best to other multiple cross Doc Bar horses. 5 (50%) of the 10 successful progeny contain 5 or more crosses to Doc Bar with 3 horses containing 7 or more crosses to Doc Bar.

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