Braeview Stud is a relatively small family-owned stud, operated by Dan and Jenny Redgen. It has been breeding Australian Stock Horses since 1991. Located on the Southern Darling Downs, east of Warwick, Queensland, it has been aiming to produce versatile horses with great type, temperament, and trainability.

Although primarily breeding Australian Stock Horses elite campdraft sires of other breeds have been used from time to time.

Our stud’s motto is:

Offering “Champagne” bloodlines to those on a “Beer” budget

A decision has been made to keep the service fees to the stallions affordable. We firmly believe there should be a profit margin for the ordinary breeder when selling even a yearling gelding. The bloodlines offered through our stallions and mares are 100% proven performance lines, and the lower service fees in no way reflect lower quality. Braeview horses and our stallion’s progeny are consistently in the winners circle. To date we have bred over 200 horses with multiple horses being sold to the same families. We have been told by numerous different purchases that they have bought from us there once in a lifetime horse.

The Braeview brood mares have been selectively bred and obtained based upon the analysis of Elite Campdraft Sires (Sires that have consistently bred progeny who have won & placed in the elite campdrafts of Australia), while maintaining ride-ability, good looks, temperament, and a people friendly nature.

Our step into breeding came from firm encouragement from Dan’s father, Max Redgen. Our foundation mares are from a very special mare line bred by Max. Bonbrae Orana (multiple open campdraft winner) and Bonbrae Brilliant, were mares with exceptional temperament as well as having heart and desire to work cattle. The combination of more popular and recognised bloodlines with these foundation lines has produced versatile horses with great type, temperament and trainability. The sort of horse that is good enough looking to win in the show ring, as well as having the ability to be a competitive campdrafter.

Bonbrae Orana produced our first stallion, and the first horse registered with the Braeview prefix, Braeview Cool Change. Max took one look at the foal and said “You are not gelding that one, in fact, if you geld him, you are disinherited.” At the time we were not set up to have a stallion, and this is probably the thing that guided us into breeding, but what great advice. Cool Change turned out to be a perfect first stallion for us. He was easy going, good looking, and competitive, but also the sort of horse that was your best mate.

Orana also produced Lil Poco Wana who Ken May campaigned as Gracey with great success. She won the Palathanga Challenge, place 5th at Cloncurry Challenge and 5th at the Rocky Rush Challenge. She also placed in Drafts and Open challenges with inexperienced Jenny on board.

Eskdale West Rugged Kid is the stud’s second stallion to stand at stud. His acquisition came after breeding a really lovely foal from Bonbrae Brilliant and asking for first option to buy the stallion. The reply was, “this horse will never be for sale”. Only one season later, he was ours. We are not really lovers of palomino, and not quarter horse breeders, but Rugged Kid proved to be an awesome horse, competition wise as well as temperament.

After the death of Cool Change we needed another stallion, preferably a true stock horse type. Dan had always admired Adios Flo Jo, sired by Adios Reflect. So we contacted Philip Kirkby on the hunt for a Reflect stallion. That led to the purchase of Kirkbys Stud Credit. He has produced for us some spectacular foals, especially when crossed to Cool Change and Rugged Kid mares. For example, Kirkbys Stud Credit bred to Braeview Citreen, (from the Rugged Kid/Brilliant combination) produced Braeview Solitaire, who won the inaugural ASH National Triple Crown. After winning multiple championships ridden and led, she has now become an exceptional youths mount.

Early on our focus turned toward producing really well handled yearlings to sell at auction. The pleasure of breeding and starting a horse on its life journey has been extremely rewarding and a venture that we intend to continue.

The stud takes pride in presenting for sale each year really well started yearlings. These have been offered at auction since 1998 through the Toowoomba Select Sale, and more recently through the Fountain of Youth Sale with the National ASH Show, and the Nutrien Supreme Sale Toowoomba. Many of these yearlings have gone on to become top performance horses with wins in campdraft, futurity, challenge and show events to State, National and Royal level.

Mare Care

At Braeview Stud, looking after outside mares is a priority. As much as possible, we cater to individual mare needs, and have safe yards and electric fence paddocks set aside for the mares visiting our stallions.

The stud has ready access to specialist equine vets who can offer timely breeding advice, reproductive health exams, and ultra-sound pregnancy testing. There is a purpose built, undercover vet crush for safely performing any necessary procedures.